6. December 2020 PTO World Championships Daytona 10th Place
6. November 2020 World Cup Valencia 2nd Place
18. October 2020 Halbmarathon Schweizermeisterschaften Belp 3rd Place
29. September 2020 Triathlon Schweizermeisterschaften Sursee 1st Place
13. September 2020 Triathlon Uster 1st Place
11. September 2020 Schweizermeisterschaften Leichtathletik 5000m Basel 5th Place
6. September 2020 Tägi Tri Wettingen 1st Place
30. August 2020 Duathlon Schweizermeisterschaften Apples/VD 1st Place
19. June 2020 Leichtathletik Meeting 3000m Meilen 9:37:31 Minuten
31. January 2020 ISRAMAN Halb-Triathlon Eilat/Israel 1st Place



6 July ITU World Triathlon Series Hamburg 8. Platz
7 July ITU Mixed Relay Team Championships Hamburg Wegen Überrundung aus dem Rennen genommen
20 July 5150 Zurich Triathlon Olympische Distanz Zürich 1. Platz
4 August Uri Triathlon Uri 1. Platz
11 August Triathlon St. Moritz: 5th Open-Triathlon (Sprint)&Duathlon St. Moritz 1. Platz
31 August ITU Triathlon World Cup Lausanne 10. Platz
21 September Greifenseelauf (Halbmarathon) Uster 1. Platz
19 October Triathlon Weltcup Tongyeong/Südkorea 5. Platz
26 October Triathlon Weltcup Miyazaki/Japan 4. Platz
15 December Zürcher Silvesterlauf Zürich 4. Platz




International Triathlon Races

25 August ITU World Triathlon Series Montreal 5th place
18 August ITU Triathlon World Cup Lausanne 1st place
11 August European Triathlon Championship Team Relay Glasgow 2nd place
9 August European Triathlon Championship Glasgow 1st place
15 July ITU Mixed Relay Team Championships Hamburg 8th place
14 July ITU World Triathlon Series Hamburg 4th place
5/6 June ITU World Triathlon Series Mixed Relay Nottingham 6th place

Swiss Triathlon/Duathlon Races

5 August St. Moritz Triathlon and Duathlon St. Moritz 1st place
1 July Schweizermeisterschaft Triathlon Uri 1st place
27 May Intervallduathlon Zofingen 1st place
21 May Berner Triathlon Münchenbuchsee 1st place



10 June International Womens Run Bern 2nd place
19 May Pfingstmeeting Zofingen 1500m Zofingen 1st place


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