2020: PTO World championship Daytona
2020: Worldcup Valencia
2019: Grand final Lausanne
2019: Worldcup Hamburg

2019: A family of five and the qualification for the fifth Olympic Games

On 11 April 2019, Nicola's third child, little Alexis, was born. The whole family is looking forward to the time as a family of five.

Nicola's goal this year is to qualify for her fifth Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.


2020: A pandemic, lockdown and postponement of the Olympic Games

In 2020, Nicola started the season promisingly with a victory at the Half Ironman in Israel.But then everything turned out differently: pandemic, lockdown, no training opportunities, no competitions, and Nicola crashed her bike, suffering a fracture of the radial head in her elbow.The Olympic Games were postponed, new perspectives had to be created. Spirig decided to continue her career until 2021 and, all in all, was able to participate in nine more competitions. all in all, she was able to participate successfully in nine more competitions.



1989: first day of school
1992: first kids triathlon
1985: Nicola in the water – still air to improve the technique
1992: run at the first kids triathlon
1992: Nicola working on her swimming skills at the club in Kloten

1982: The first steps

Nicola is the youngest of the three Spirig Kids. Nicolas siblings Kathrin and Thomas are role models who intellecutally and physically challenge and encourage Nicola. The parents are both sports teachers and sport in every form plays a big role in this family’s program. Nicola grew up in Winkel in the area of Bülach, situated directly next to a forest, a great outdoor playground. Their holiday home is 1600m high in Bad Ragaz/Pizol, where activities such as skiing, snowboarding, hiking and ski tours are on offer.


1988: Schooling

Nicola takes advantage of many opportunities: Girls’ team and basketball training in the town of Winkel, swimming in the Kloten swimming club, cycling and running with her father, playing tennis – for Nicola, sport plays a part in every day life. In winter, the family spend a lot of time in  the vacation home.


1992: The first triathlon

At her first competition experience at the Volksbank race, Nicola wins the regional qualifiers in Neuhausen as a first grader. In 1992, she completes her first school triathlon at the Egelsee in Bubikon. Wearing the race number 13, she comes into 2nd place behind a competitor two years her senior – she proceeds to win all school triathlons that follow. The course is set for a successful career ahead. 



1993: Harry Hossli looks after Nicolas bikes since 1993
1994: Nicolas first autograph card sponsored by Radcenter Vögeli
1999: Nicola reaches 2nd place at the Junior Cross Country European Championships
1998: 16-year-old Nicola starts in the elite category at the European Cup in Thiersee – finished first
2000: Nicola wins her first Duathlon Junior World Championships in Calais
Harry Hossli – mechanic and supporter throughout the whole career

1993: The silent helper

At the early age of 11 years, Nicola gets her own bike mechanic, Harry Hossli. At the age of 12, she is given her first sponsored bicycle by the bike center «Vögeli». Hossli is also there to repair and look after the bike’s maintenance. Today, Harry Hossli is the owner of «Krauer’s Radstudio» (bicycle studio), and still today puts her new bicycles together and keeps them in top condition. In her 23 years of competing, Nicola has never had a single bicycle breakdown! 


1999 - 2000: First international success

At the age of 17 Nicola becomes Junior Duathlon- and Triathlon European Champion, wins the silver medal at the Junior Cross Country Run European Championships and the silver medal at the Junior World Triathlon Championships. One year later she becomes Junior World Champion in Duathlon, won the bronze medal at the Junior Triathlon World Championships and the silver medal at the Junior Cross Country Run European Championships. 



2004: Swiss Olympic clothing presentation for the Olympic Games in Athen
2004: Swiss Olympic clothing presentation for the Olympic Games in Athen
1999: Nicola wins the Junior World Triathlon Championships after a bike crash
2001: media output after the election to the newcomerin of the year
2001: media output after the election to the newcomerin of the

2001: Newcomer of the year – focus on triathlon

In 2001, after a second and a third place the years before, Nicola becomes the junior world champion in triathlon. Her sporting achievements are topped off with the award for Newcomer of the Year in December 2001. Nicola advances par excellence as a triathlete hopeful. In the same year, Nicola breaks the junior Swiss 10 000m track record with a time of 35:05:87. 


2004: The first Olympic Games

Summer 2004, Athens. Nicola’s first Olympic Games. She is 22 years old, straight out of the junior category and unbelievably motivated – in spite of the shin injury Nicola had in the months before the Olympic Games, she finished the race on the 19th place. 



2007: Ironman 70.3 win in Rapperswil
2008: Nicola wins her first big world cup race
2008: 400-meter sprint to finish first
2008: run at the Olympic Games in Peking
2008: Olympic Games in Peking
2008: Olympic Games in Peking – ‚big’ impressions from the Olympic Village
2008: Nicola enjoying her time before the closing ceremony at the Olympic Games in Peking
2008: closing ceremony oft he Olympic Games in Peking
1993: Nicola with her father and longtime coach Josef Spirig
2006: start of the new collaboration with Brett Sutton

2006: A change of coach

The course is set for a successful career. Nicola and her father Sepp, who had coached her so far, did a great job. She can only make her way to the top by training with an international group – and this she achieves with the successful coach Brett Sutton. He challenges her and supports her – and drives her to excel. 


2007: Establishing herself amongst the world’s elite

In 2007 Nicola makes the jump to the world’s elite performers, the strongest class of athletes. She wins her first bronze medal at the European Championships in Copenhagen and in the same year celebrates her first triathlon win at the World Cup in Eilat. The next career highlight follows in the same year – she wins her first Ironman 70.3 at the home race in Rapperswil. 


2008: The second World Cup win in Kitzbühel

A couple of months after her first triathlon win at the World Cup in Eilat, Nicola once again stands on the very top of the podium. The next Olympic Games are around the corner and Nicola is on her best form.


2008: The Olympic flame in Beijing

At the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, Nicola is one of the general favorites in the triathlon. With a time of 2:00:30, she asserts her leading position amongst the world’s elite and is awarded a certificate for 6th place. 



2009: Nicola wins her first European Triathlon Championships in Holten
2010: Nicola successfully defends last years European Championship title
2010: Nicola in action at the European Triathlon Championships in Athlone
2010: second European Triathlon Champions-title in a row
2010: runner-up in the overall world cup ranking
2010: ‚Fit for Life’ article to the double challenge study and elite sport

2009: The triathlon European champion

A new Olympic cycle and she’s off to a flying start. One year after Beijing 2008, Nicola overcomes her strong competition at the European championships in Holten (NL) and wins her first title as European champion.


2010: The second title as European champion

The goal: To defend her title as the triathlon European champion from the year before. Nicola succeeds in doing so. In Athlone, Ireland, she is awarded the title of European champion for a second time. On top of that, she manages to secure the title as triathlon vice world-champion in the same year. 


2010: Graduation

Another string to her bow aside from her sporting career: After two interruptions before the Olympic Games in 2004 and 2008, Nicola successfully graduates in 2010 with a degree in law (Liz. I and Liz. II) with magna cum laude. 



2012: a dream come true – Olympic Champions 2012 in London
2012: family Spirig celebrate the Olympic Champion in London
2012: coach Brett Sutton with his athlete
2012: Nicola after returning from London – party time
2012: Nicola after the Olympic Triathlon in London 2012 – a dream come true!
2012: Nicola wins her third European title within four years
2012: Sportswoman of the Year

2011: Injury misfortune

The preparations for the Olympic Games in London are underway. Though, the training program has to be adjusted. Nicola’s training is reduced due to a stress fracture in the shin. Thanks to good medical care and the support of her partner and family, Nicola is able to successfully overcome the injury very quickly.


2012: The path to the third Olympic Games

For Nicola, the Olympic season starts with a bang at the European championships in Israel: for the third time she is crowned European champion – over the period of 4 years. 


2012: A dream come true

London, August 2012 – the closest final in Olympic history: after years of preparation and thousands of training hours, Nicola claims the Olympic victory. In a riveting final spurt, Nicola and her Swedish competitor Lisa Nordén arrive at the finish line at almost the same time. Nicola, however, finds her way to the front. The photograph of the finish shows in favor of the Swiss competitor. 


2012: Sportswoman of the Year

In the same year, Nicola is awarded the honor of «Sportswoman of the Year» at the Swiss TV gala. 



2014: In Zurich at the European Championships, Nicola runs the marathon in 2:37.12
2014: In Kitzbühel, Nicola wins her fourth gold medal at the European Triathlon Championships
2014: Nicola at the European Championships in Kitzbühel
2014: Nicola at the Marathon European Championships in Zurich
2014: At the Zurich marathon, Nicola manages to qualify for the European Athletics Championships
2013: In spring Nicola son Yannis is born. He is Nicolas new training companion.
2013: At the end of 2012, she marries her sparring partner, the ex-professional triathlete Reto Hug

2013: Nicola’s personal happiness

Olympic champion, Sportswoman of the Year. After Nicola’s sporting highlights, the year 2013 is dedicated to love. At the end of 2012, she marries her sparring partner, the ex-professional triathlete Reto Hug. And in spring her son Yannis is born. Yannis is Nicola’s new training companion – for the time being in the Baby-Jogger.


2014: The fourth European Championship title - Marathon European Championships - Ironman win

First triathlon – and now the marathon: 2:42:53 – Nicola makes the qualifiers for the European Athletics Championships in 2014 in her own country. In Zurich at the European Championships, she runs the marathon in 2:37:12. 

Two months later she is crowned Triathlon European champion in Austria’s Kitzbühel – for the fourth time. In autumn, she takes up long-distance – in Mexico’s Cozumel, she secures her first Ironman victory. 



2016: Nicola winning the silver medal at the Olympic Games in Rio
2016: a mass pile-up on the bike circuit in Abu Dhabi – operation and reduced training over the course of many weeks.
2015: The win at European Games in Baku secure Nicola her qualifying place for Rio in advance
2015: Nicola preparing for the race in Baku
2015: Nicola is the winner of the first ever European Games, in Baku
2015: Nicola after her successful race in Baku
2015: victory a the home European Championships in Geneva – 5th European title
2015: Nicola dominates the race at the home European Championships in Geneva
2015: fast race at the European Championships in Geneva
2015: Yannis and Reto support Nicola in her training camp in Gran Canaria

2015: Two victories, one pattern

One year before the Olympic Games and the goals for 2015 are clear; the first European Games in Baku (Azerbaijan) and the home European Championships in Geneva. A victory in Baku would secure Nicola her qualifying place for Rio 2016 in advance – as the first Swiss athlete. Following the same pattern as before, she wins the fifth European championship title in Baku. Lagging in the water, racing to catch up on the bike and extending her dominance on the running track means securing a victory with a one-minute lead. 


2016: crash in Abu Dhabi

Altitude training in St. Moritz and two training camps in Gran Canaria. Nicola is in top form. The first competition of the ITU World Series takes place in March in Abu Dhabi. There is a mass pile-up on the bike circuit. Nicola has to abandon the race: The metacarpal bones in her left hand are broken in several places. 

Operation and reduced training over the course of many weeks. The way to Rio must be rewritten.

The goal remains –  be in the best shape as possible on the 20. August 2016 – the start of the Olympic Games Triathlon race.


2016: silver medal at the Olympic Games in Rio

After the mass pile-up in March and multiple fracture of her left hand: Nicola fights, biting through. The amount of exercise, the training methods - everything has to be adapted. A mentally difficult time for the Olympic champion. But Nicola grows on the challenge. Her coach says: She is in top form, better than ever! August 20, 2016: Nicola is ready. She swims better than ever, dominates and dictates the race on the entire bike course and provides a run spectacle with the later winner Gwen Jorgensen that - after London 2012, the closest finish in Olympic history - remains unforgotten. After gold in London, silver in Rio.



2018: Nicola is expecting her third child in April 2019
2018: Nicola won her 6th European Champion title in Glasgow
2017: Malea Lexi is born

2017: A family of four

Yannis, Reto and Nicola welcome Malea Lexi to the family. She is born on May 20 at 13:26 in the hospital of Bülach - healthy and full of energy.


2018: 6th European Championship Title

In 2018 Nicola competed in 13 races and all of them were extremely successful. The 2012 Olympic Champion won her sixth European Championship title as well as the silver medal in the team relay in Glasgow. Only a few days later Nicola won the World Cup race in front of her home crowd in Lausanne. After the race on August 25th at the ITU World Triathlon Series in Montreal (fifth place) Nicola finished her season. She is expecting her third child in April 2019.





Runner up Olympic Games 2016

Olympic Champion 2012
6 times European Champion (2009,2010,2012, 2014, 2015 and 2018)
Winner European Games 2015
Winner Ironman Cozumel 2014
Vice-World Champion and Team World Champion 2010
More: Junior European- and World Champion and winner of multiple ITU-, World Series and Half-Ironman-Races



1. Place World Championships U-23 2003
3. Place World Championships (Cat. Juniors) 2001
1. Place World Championships (Cat. Juniors) 2000
1. Place European Championships (Cat. Juniors) 1999



2-times runner up at Zurich Marathon 2014 and 2015
Marathon European Championships in Zurich: 2:37:12
Multiple Swiss Champion in 10’000m, 5’000m and 3’000m
1. Place Swiss Championships 5000m (Cat. Juniors) 2001
1. Place Swiss Championships Cross 2001
2. Place European Championships Cross (Cat. Juniors) 2000
1. Place Swiss Championships 5000m (Cat. Juniors) 2000
2. Place European Championships Cross (Cat. Juniors) 1999



Athlete of the Year 2012
Athlete of the Year in Zurich 2008, 2010 and 2012
Newcomerin of the Year 2001





1st place Triathlon Schweizermeisterschaften
1st place Triathlon Uster
1st place Tägi Tri
1st place Duathlon Schweizermeisterschaften
2th place World Cup
3th place Halbmarathon Schweizermeisterschaften
10th place PTO World Championships
5th Place Schweizermeisterschaften Leichtathletik 5000m
9:37:31 Minuten Leichtathletik Meeting 3000m


1st place St.Moritz Duathlon
1st place 5150 Zurich Triathlon Olympic Distance
1st place Uri Triathlon
4th place Worldcup Miyazaki/Japan
5th place Worldcup Tongyeong/South Korea
8th place ITU World Triathlon Series Hamburg
10th place ITU Worldchampionships Lausanne


1st place ETU Triathlon European Championships, Glasgow
1st place Triathlon Swiss Championships, Uri
1st place St. Moritz Triathlon/Duathlon, St. Moritz
1st place Berner Triathlon, Münchenbuchsee
1st place Duathlon Swiss Championships, Zofingen
4th place ITU World Triathlon Series, Hamburg
6th place Mixed Team Relay, Nottingham
8th place ITU Mixed Relay Team Championships, Hamburg
1st place Pfingstmeeting Zofingen 1500m, Zofingen
2nd place International Womens Run Bern


1. Place St. Moritz Triathlon
1. Place Locarno Triathlon
13. Place WTS Final Rotterdam (international comeback after the birth of Malea)
3. Place Super League Triathlon, Jersey


2. Place Olympic Games Rio de Janeiro (BRA)
1. Place 70.3 Ironman Haugesund (NOR)
1. Place 70.3 Ironman Pescara (ITA)
2. Place 70.3 Ironman Mallorca (ESP)
1. Place Swiss Championships Olympic Distance Zug (SUI)
1. Place Swiss Championships Sprint Distance Sempach (SUI)
1. Place Pro-Race Stettfurt (SUI)
1. Place 5150 Zürich Triathlon (SUI)
1. Place St. Moritz Triathlon and Duathlon(SUI)
1. Place 3000m Langenthal 9:20.19
3000m Jona Personal Best 9:07.49
3000m Langenthal Personal Best 9:07.48


1. Place European Championships Genf (CH)
1. Place European Games Baku (AZE) - Olympiastartplatz Rio 2016
3. Place ITU World Serie Cape Town (SA)
5. Place ITU World Serie Stockholm (SE)
2. Place 70.3 Ironman Österreich St. Pölten (A)
2. Place European Championships Team Genf (CH)
1. Place Triathlon Frauenfeld (CH)
1. Place Triathlon Sempach (CH)
2. Place Zürich Marathon Zeit 2:46:09
3000m Langenthal Zeit 9:23.67


1. Place European Championships Triathlon Kitzbühel (A)
1. Place ITU World Series Cozumel (Mexiko)
1. Place ITU World Series Cartagena (Kolumbien)
1. Place Ironman Cozumel (Mex)
3. Place 70.3 Ironman Switzerland Rapperswil
1. Place Half-Ironman Locarno
1. Place Duathlon Swiss Championships Zofingen
24. Place Marathon European Championships Zurich 2:37:12
13. Place 5000m Athletics Lucerne 15:54:00
1. Place 5000m Swiss Championships Frauenfeld 16:18:96
1. Place 10000m Swiss Championships Uster 34:01:00
2. Place Marathon Swiss Championships Zurich 2:42:52
2. Place 10-km Street run Swiss Championships Saxon 34:28:08
2. Place Cross Swiss Championships Zurich
2. Place Int. Greifenseelauf half marathon Zeit 1:15:51


1. Place World Serie Cozumel (Mex)
1. Place Triathlon Lausanne
1. Place Triathlon Locarno
2. Place Swiss Championships halfmarathon Uster


Olympic Champion London 2012
1. Place European Championships Eilat (ISR)
1. Place World Triathlon Series Kitzbühel (A)
1. Place World Triathlon Series Madrid (E)
5. Place World Triathlon Series Sydney (AUS)
2. Place Weltcup Mooloolaba (AUS)
1. Place 70.3 Ironman Rapperswil (CH)
1. Place 70.3 Ironman Antwerpen (NL)
1. Place 5150 Zürich (CH)
1. Place Swiss Championships Duathlon Zofingen (CH)
1. Place Swiss Championships 5000m Bern (CH)
1. Place Swiss Championships 3000m Bern (CH)


2. Place Team World Championship Lausanne
8. Place World Serie London
12. Place World Serie Hamburg
16. Place Sprint World Championship Lausanne
20. Place World Serie Final Peking
25. Place World Serie Yokohama
1. Place Swiss Championships Uster
1. Place 5150-Serie Zürich
1. Place Triathlon Alpe d’Huez
2. Place Garmin Triathlon Barcelona


2. Place World Championships overall ranking
3. Place World Series Final Budapest
1. Place Team-WC in Lausanne
1. Place European Championships in Athlone (IRL)
1. Place World Serie in Madrid (E)
2. Place World Serie in London (GBR)
4. Place World Serie in Seoul (KOR)
1. Place Swiss Championships in Nyon
1. Place Swiss Championships Duathlon in Zofingen
1. Place Street Swiss Championships 10000m in Payerne (CH


1. Place European Championships in Holten (NED)
1. Place World Serie in London (GBR)
2. Place World Serie in Kitzbühel (A)
1. Place Swiss Championships Lausanne
1. Place overall rankingSwiss Triathlon Circuit
1. Place Triathlon Alpe d’Huez (F)
1. Place Swiss Triathlon Circuit Nyon
1. Place Duathlon Swiss Championships
1. Place Swiss Championships 5000m
1. Place Indoor Swiss Championships 3000m
1. Place Cross Swiss Championships


6. Place Olympic Games Peking (China)
4. Place European Championships Lissabon (P)
1. Place World Serie Kitzbühel (A)
6. Place World Serie Ishigaki (Japan)
6. Place World Serie Tongyeong (Korea)
6. Place World Serie Lorient (F)
1. Place Ironman 70.3 Monaco
2. Place Ironman 70.3 Rapperswil (CH)
1. Place Swiss Championships Lausanne(CH)
1. Place VW-Circuit Sempach (CH)
1. Place VW-Circuit Zug (CH)


3. Place European Championships Kopenhagen (DK)
1. Place World Serie Eilat (Isr)
5. Place World Serie Richards Bay (SA)
6. Place World Serie Kitzbühel (A)
6. Place World Serie Ishigaki (J)
6. Place World Serie Rhodos (GR)
7. Place World Serie Peking (China)
8. Place World Serie Lissabon (P)
10. Place World Serie Salford (GB)
17. Place World Serie Mooloolaba (AU)
6. Place World Serie overall ranking 2007
19. Place World ChampionshpsHamburg (D)
1. Place Ironman 70.3 Rapperswil (CH)
1. Place VW-Circuit Zug (CH)
1. Place VW-Circuit Nyon (CH)
2. Place Swiss Championships Genf (CH)
1. Place VW-Circuit overall ranking 2007


13. Place European Championships Autun (F)
2. Place European Championships Teamwettkampf Autun (F)
8. Place World Series Richards Bay (SA)
12. Place World Series New Plymouth (NZ)
17. Place World Series Cancun (Mex)
17. Place World Series Madrid (E)
1. Place Swiss Championships Duathlon
1. Place VW-Circuit Zürich
2. Place VW-Circuit Nyon
2. Place VW-Circuit Zug
2. Place VW-Circuit Uster
1. Place Triathlon Stettfurt


3. Place World Championships U-23 Gamagori
2. Place European Championships U-23 Sofia
12. Place European Championships Lausanne
11. Place World Series Madrid (E)
12. Place World Series Salford (GB)
32. Place World Series Beijing (China)
1. Place VW-Circuit Murten
1. Place VW-Circuit Vallé de Joux
3. Place VW-Circuit Zug


19. Place Olympic Games Athen
14. Place European Championships Valencia
14. Place World Serie Ishigaki (Japan)
11. Place World Serie Mazatlan (Mexiko)
13. Place World Serie Salford (GB)
6. Place Australian Championships Mooloolaba


12. Place European Championships
32. Place World Championships


3. Place World Championships U-23
2. Place European Championships Team
1. Place Swiss Championships


1. Place World Championships*
2. Place European Championships*
1. Place Credit Suisse Circuit overall ranking


3. Place World Championships*
1. Place Team European Championships
1. Place European Cup overall ranking


2. Place World Championships*
1. Place European Championships*


1. Place Swiss Championships*

* = Cat. Juniors


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