Kids Cup

During my sports career I had many wonderful and invaluable experiences and came to know many inspiring people. I was able to count on substantial support and help for my sport and personal development from my sport-oriented environment, right up to my triumphs in the Olympics. 

Now I would like to give something in return and offer my support for others. I am pleased to be able to make sport accessible to the greatest possible number of children – especially triathlon – in my name and my person and convey the joy of active exercise. With the «Nicola Spirig Kids Cup», emphasizing the Olympic motto «taking part is more important than winning», different races in which kids can learn the values of sport in a playful way are organized throughout Switzerland. Because, for me, sport is the best school of life and even helps to cope with hurdles and problems in everyday life.

So that kids can profit from this project over the long term, the «Nicola Spirig Kids Cup» will also generate financial resources for distribution to the organized clubs. The clubs will then use these resources 1:1 in order to provide the children with regular training sessions and in this way promote access to sports and provide sustainable support for youth.

Sport is what moves us and I'm fully committed to promoting sport activities. 

Kidscup 2020

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