Nicola Spirig and natural gas extend cooperation


The Swiss gas industry and Nicola Spirig are continuing their long and successful partnership: The triathlete and the Association of the Swiss Gas Industry VSG have extended the existing contract. Nicola Siprig's impressive career has been supported by the gas industry since 2008.

"We have been able to accompany Nicola Spirig's career in recent years. She is an exceptional sportswoman and an ideal brand ambassador for natural gas and biogas," says Andreas Mehr, Head of Sponsoring at the Swiss Gas Industry Association VSG. "We are very pleased to continue the success story with Nicola Spirig and to support the exceptional athlete in achieving her goal of participating in the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020.

Environmentally and climate-friendly energy source
In Switzerland, natural gas is mainly used to generate heat in households and as process heat in industry. Today, three quarters of the Swiss population are connected to the more than 20,000 kilometre long transport and distribution network. Biogas, a renewable and CO2-neutral energy from natural waste materials, is becoming increasingly popular in Switzerland. More and more gas suppliers are adding a fixed proportion of biogas to natural gas. Switzerland also has over 13,000 vehicles in operation that run on natural gas and biogas in an environmentally and climate-friendly manner.


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