Nicola Spirig to race Zurich Triathlon


Triathlon Olympic Champion Nicola Spirig has decided at short notice to start at the Zurich Triathlon on Saturday. Only two weeks ago Spirig made her comeback in Hamburg, achieving a remarkable eighth place.

Nicola Spirig fulfilled the main criteria for qualification for her fifth Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020 with the top ten place two weeks ago at the triathlon in Hamburg. The two-time Olympic medal winner now needs a place among the top 45 in the Olympic qualification ranking in order to have her ticket for Japan in the bag. «I am very, very happy with my debut two weeks ago in Hamburg, just twelve weeks after the birth of Alexis,» says Nicola Spirig. «Now I'm continuing my training in St. Moritz and I'm also including one or two more competitions as I prepare for the home World Championships at the end of August in Lausanne,» says the mother of three, explaining her decision to participate in Zurich at short notice.
The six-time European Champion has been training in St. Moritz since June, where everything is going according to plan: «I'm really very satisfied with how I can train,» Spirig describes her current condition. «Of course I'm still a bit away from the absolute top, but that doesn't worry me at all,» she continues. Spirig travels from the Engadine directly to Lake Zurich and is standing at the starting line over the Olympic distance on Saturday at 10 am. She knows the track, is familiar with the racing environment and has good memories of the race - Spirig took part in the race in the Zwingli town in 2016 before her Olympic silver medal in Rio. «It's kind of my home race. Such competitions are always nice to compete in.»
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