Sixth gold medal at European Championships for Nicola Spirig


Copyright: Talin Marino

Gold for Nicola Spirig at the European Triathlon Championships in Glasgow! For the 36-year-old it is already her sixth title at European Championships!

Spirig is crowned the unrestricted triathlon queen of Europe and is the new sole record European champion over the Olympic distance.

An impressive ascent over the entire competition with an outstanding cycling section formed the basis for the triumph of Spirig. She crossed the finish line on the demanding track in Glasgow after 1.5 km swimming, 40 km cycling and 10 km running in 1:59:13 hours with a 33-second lead over the dethroned English title defender Jessica Learmonth. French rider Cassandre Beaugrand lost 1'44" to Nicola.

Spirig quickly gained a valuable second advantage over Learmonth with a quick change from the bike to the coupierte running course. Spirig and Learmonth had clearly set themselves apart from the competition after the first two disciplines. Spirig finished the first discipline in 8th place with a gap of 51 seconds. On the demanding bike course Nicola set herself apart from the other pursuers at an early stage. After about 30 kilometres of cycling, the Swiss rider caught up with the leading duo on a solo ride and continued without compromise. Also during running she kept her pace constantly high and left the main field far behind her.

The Mixed Team Competition in Glasgow is scheduled for Saturday. This competition will be held for the first time at the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020.


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