World Cup races in Asia and preparation for Tokyo 2020


In the past weeks Nicola Spirig has completed two more World Cup races: The 37-year-old started in Tongyeong (South Korea) and Miyazaki (Japan). During her trip to Asia, she also visited Sheshou (South Korea), a possible preparation site for the Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo.

The goal of the trip to South Korea and Japan was clear for Nicola Spirig: to collect further points in the Olympic ranking in order to already secure her spot in the top 50. Spirig wants to prevent suddenly missing out on points and having to compete in the run-up to the Olympic Games in a way that does not fit into her plans. "I also took a look at the infrastructure for a possible preparatory training next year in Sheshou," says Spirig, explaining her trip to South Korea. She had already prepared there before the Olympic Games in Peking in 2008 because Sheshou is well suited for acclimatisation.


Fifth place in Tonyeong

At the World Cup race in Tonyeong over the sprint distance Nicola Spirig reached fifth place. After a rough swim, Spirig got on her bike 40 seconds behind the leader. She was quickly able to catch up to the top, where a large group on the bike formed with her. Spirig was the first to change to running and kept up with the best. Soon, however, her fitness level was not one hundred percent: "I couldn't quite keep up," said Spirig after the race. In the end she reached fifth place and secured the points for the Olympic ranking.


World Cup race in Miyazaki

After the competition and the inspection of the infrastructures in South Korea, Spirig flew on to Japan. In Miyazaki she started at the World Cup over the Olympic distance. The competition was as strong as in South Korea. Cycling took place on the motorway and running was done by the sea. Spirig came in fourth. "Basically, I'm satisfied with fourth place. This means more points – and this was the goal of this trip. Now I know what needs to be improved. The way I lost the sprint today must not happen next year" said Nicola Spirig after the race. "In certain areas I'm still not fit enough, that was clear to me. Now I'm looking forward to the upcoming practice sessions and the further preparation for Tokyo 2020."


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