Missed podium in the Super Sprint


Nicola Spirig just missed out on a podium finish in the first super sprint medal race in history. The 39-year-old from Zurich finished 4th at the European Championships in Kitzbuehel/AUT - she was 10 seconds short of bronze in the end.

Saturday’s super sprint race (0.5 km swim/12 km bike/3.1 km run) was primarily an additional training session on Nicola’s timetable for the Olympic games. «The distance this week was extremely short. Next week, it will be extra long, as I’ll be competing in the European Championships over the half Ironman distance. In the end, both competitions will help me with regard to my start in Tokyo», Nicola Spirig said and was satisfied with her race.

After successfully qualifying for the medal race, the Swiss did a lot of lead work in a large group on the bike after a solid swim performance. «I went 'hard' on the bike in both competitions, that was my training goal for this race», explained the Zurich native.

The final run course of 3.1 kilometres turned out be a bit too short for the mother of three. «It was tough», Spirig admitted, «but in the end, the ten-second gap to the podium prevented me from having a chance to possibly secure a top three finish with a strong sprint.»

Despite missing out on the medal, Nicola Spirig was satisfied with the two good and hard races in Kitzbuehel. «Of course, a 4th place is quite ungrateful and a medal would have been nice, but when I look at the big picture, it was a good weekend for me.»


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