Nicola Spirig before the training camp Gran Canaria


Nicola Spirig

Nicola Spirig is about to leave for a training camp in Gran Canaria this coming Saturday. Until then, the two-time Olympic medalist is enjoying the first signs of spring, such as the blooming flowers around her home. "I really like this time of the year and just enjoyed a two-hour bike ride today.”

Previously, Nicola had spent three weeks of training in St. Moritz in February, accompanied by her husband Reto and her three children Alexis, Malea and Yannis. "The opportunity to combine my training with some quality time for the family is really an ideal scenario for us. While I was able to train in a group setting, I also had the chance to spend the time in between practices with my family, for example accompanying our youngest on his first attempts on skis,” explains Nicola.

Now, Nicola is getting ready for her trip to Spain and is looking forward to train in shorts again soon. "Maybe we’ll be able to fit in some family time at the beach or at the pool, even though most of my time will be dedicated towards training. There’s no doubt that I will have my work cut out for me and I look forward to an intense camp.” The six-time European champion knows from past experiences just how much work she’ll have to put in in order to get ready for Tokyo.

If all goes according to plan, competitions will also be a part of Nicola’s preparation for the Olympics, even though it remains to be seen, when and where she’ll be able to enter her first triathlons of the year. The qualification phase for Tokyo - and thus the competitions at a higher level – is slated to start again in May at the earliest. Prior to that, smaller events would be the only option for a start, provided the current COVID situation allows for it.


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