Nicola Spirig crashes in bike training session


Nicola Spirig

Olympic triathlon champion Nicola Spirig crashed during a Friday afternoon group training session with her bike near Zuoz, Switzerland. She suffered a fracture of the radial head on her left elbow and will have to adjust her training in the weeks to come.

Nicola Spirig and her fellow group members were conducting a slipstream training ride on the streets of the lower Engadine on Friday afternoon, when the group’s front rider collided with an unknown cyclist. As a result, all of athletes behind him crashed undeservedly and had to be taken to the local hospital for examination.

Results showed that Spirig suffered a fracture of the radial head in her left elbow, which will consequently force her to adapt her training for the time being. «Doctors told me to put as little strain as possible on my arm over the next number of weeks,» the 38-year old explained. «I have been cleared for cycling on a roll, running in water or hiking. If all goes according to plan, I will also be able to run within a week’s time. But I can't swim for several weeks», the six-time European champion concluded. The full impact of the crash on Spirig’s upcoming season has yet to be determined. Prior to Friday, she had planned to start her 2020 campaign with a couple of races in late August.

Meanwhile, Spirig’s fellow group members from Friday’s crash are doing considerably well, given the circumstances. Max Studer is suffering from bruises and swellings on his hip, while Julie Derron broke her shoulder blade. For Spirig herself, it was the first serious training crash in a span of 20 years.


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