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Health and fitness not only boost personal wellbeing, they are also key success factors from a business perspective. Knowing full well just how mentally and even physically taxing it can be to work in the audit and advisory industry, KPMG has now launched an exercise initiative called “Stay healthy – Move for charity”. Through this initiative, KPMG aspires to motivate its staff to become more aware of the topic of health and fitness and encourage them to engage in regular physical activity. “As auditors and advisors, we end up spending a sizeable chunk of our day sitting, however since our work is also mentally challenging and extremely stressful, this frequently goes hand in hand with a great deal of physical tension. With that in mind, it’s vital that we offset the impact of our work by engaging in regular physical activity,” says Stefan Pfister, CEO and himself a regular athlete, as he explains the reasoning behind the firm’s new exercise initiative.

The initiative’s patron is none other than Nicola Spirig, top Swiss triathlete and former Olympic gold medalist, who will help KPMG on its way toward improving its health and fitness.

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