Successful start into Olympic year for Nicola Spirig


Quelle: Larry Rosa/Israman

London 2012 Olympic champion Nicola Spirig has won the ISRAMAN half Ironman in Eilat, Israel, this past Friday. Competing in her first triathlon of the year, the 37-year-old from Zurich distanced the competition by several minutes. After 1.9 km of swimming, 90 km of cycling and 21.1 km of running, Spirig came in fourth overall, bested only by three men.

"Eilat was a very good test," Spirig said during a stopover in Tel Aviv. "I had a lot of respect for the race, because it’s course with a 16km bike climb, some wind and a running track that goes downhill for the first 10km is quite unique. In addition, I had been doing most of my prep on the bike indoors in Switzerland, but thankfully, everything went well.”

Next up, Nicola Spirig will be flying to South Africa for two-and-half-weeks of training. Her next competitive start could come in March, as Spirig continues to have her eyes set on the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo in July.


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