Victory at the Swiss Duathlon Championships


Successful return to competition for Nicola Spirig: Nearly six weeks after she suffered a broken radial head in her left elbow after crashing in training, the 38-year old mother of three prevailed at yesterday’s Swiss Duathlon Championships in Apples (VD).

In difficult and wet conditions, Spirig was able to edge Duathlon world championship runner-up Melanie Maurer in a tight and exciting race. The strong cyclist had challenged the 2012 Olympic champion deep into the race, but ultimately succumbed to Spirig’s superior running performance.

"I am happy with the way things went today”, said the six-time European triathlon champion in a post-race statement. "The weeks since my crash haven’t been easy and I had to make adjustments in my training. But today's performance makes me feel good about where I am at right now.”

Nicola Spirig’s next race will be the Taegi Tri in Wettingen (Switzeland) on September 6th. 


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